I am proud to be the owner and hairstylist at Braggi Hair. I graduated from Howell College of Cosmetology and with that I have had the pleasure to style hair for 30 years strong now in Livingston County. I love that I get to make every person that sits in my chair feel great about themselves.

I have always prided myself on mastering my craft and staying trendy. With continuing education being crucial in this industry, going to hair shows have been vital. That has allowed me to have hands on learning from some of the best such as Trevor Sorbe, Robert Cromaines, and Gino Stampora. Challenging myself everyday to learn about hair has enabled me to perfect highlights, coloring, and balayage as well as specialize in straightening and perming techniques.

While I enjoy that I create hair to bragg about, the one thing I love most is that I get to call my clients my friends. It has been their support, all these years, that has allowed me to pursue my passion of hair. It is with that support and my passion of hair, I know that everyone will leave my chair with a smile on their face and hair to Bragg about!